PCHS National Honor Society inducts new members

Polk County High School’s Chapter of National Honor Society inducted new members during a May 23 ceremony in the school auditorium.

Chapter sponsor Caitlin Williams welcomed 46 new students into the Honor Society, for which students are chosen based on four criteria: scholarship, leadership, service and character.

Current Honor Society members Noriana Saunderson, Kiana Waters, Justine Eberhart and Sam Rhinehart each spoke about one of the four selection criteria.

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Polk County Board of Education Chairman Geoffrey M. Tennant, the program’s guest speaker, also referenced each aspect of the Honor Society foundation during his address.

Polk County Board of Education Chairman Geoffrey M. Tennant

The following students were inducted into the National Honor Society during the May 25 ceremony:

Sadie Allen, Reese Alley, Kiri Ashley, Isabella Bowen, Samuel Campuzano-Gomez, Marlee Childers, Natalee Davis, Jack Derkach, Avery Edwards, Hannah Emory, Christian Etherson, Roanna Green, Melanie Huizar-Parada, Dietrich Jackson, Izabella Jackson, Kalob Jackson.

Hannah Jenne, Sam Korzelius, Haley Lawter, Bailey Lowman, Ansley Lynch, Paige McIntyre, Demoi Millett, Ailey Morlino, Nicole Mott, Matthew Mullis, Taylor Newton, Devin Panchyshyn, Zoe Parsons, Clark Phipps, Madison Poe, Caleb Potter.

Mariela Ramirez, Rachel Raposa, Julianna Robbins, Israel Roman, Galen Sachse, Aislin Salerno, Mackenzie Smith, Morgan Stott, Jack Tinkler, Sami Waisman, Juniper Walter-Eger, Madi Whitener, Casie Williams, Jonah Wyatt