Polk County Schools seeking host family for Chinese teacher

In 2010, Polk County began offering Chinese Language instruction for students in middle and high school. This fall, Polk County Middle School will be hosting a new Chinese teacher, Mrs. Shenjun Zhang.

Our previous teacher reached her three-year limit in the program and had to return to China.  We are excited about this opportunity for our students to receive instruction from Mrs. Zhang.

Mrs. Zhang is a 35-year-old English teacher at the Suzhou Wenchang Experimental Middle School in Jiangsu province of China. When she arrives in Polk County in August, Mrs. Zhang is interested in living with a host family to learn more about life in the United States. Polk County Schools is looking for families that would be interested in hosting our new teacher.

To meet the housing requirements for the program, a host family must provide:

  • a residence in Polk County
  • clean, good condition living area
  • basic furnishings
  • private bedroom for the teacher
  • basic utilities
Mrs. Zhang receives a salary for her work with the schools, so she will be able to pay rent to the host family.  The rent will be negotiated between the host family and Polk County Schools.

Interested families will be evaluated by Polk County Schools and must submit to a background check.

If you are interested in hosting our new Chinese teacher, please contact David Scherping at 894-6126 or scherp@polkschools.org