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Polk Central Elementary

Western Carolina professor talks robots with Polk Central students

Dr. Amber Thompson of the Department of Engineering and Technology at Western Carolina University recently demonstrated robot technology for Polk Central students Austin Williams, Toby Rouse and Clay Toney as well as their fifth grade classmates

Scarecrows bring parents, students together for family project

A fun project at Polk Central Elementary recently had parents working with students to bring a touch of their family to the classroom.

Good attendance earns hat day for PCS kindergarteners

Students in Sarah Schladenhauffen's kindergarten class at Polk Central Elementary celebrated their recent attendance award by having a hat day.

Sidewalk encouragement greets Polk Central test takers

Polk Central Elementary fifth graders took the end-of-grade science test on Friday

Where’s the turkey? Polk Central students disguise the birds

Polk Central Elementary kindergarten students completed a family assignment to disguise a turkey in a manner so that it would not be eaten for Thanksgiving.

Polk Central teachers attend NCCAT programs

Kristy G. Cox and Kelleigh A. Powell of Polk Central Elementary recently attended programs held at the North Carolina Center for the Advancement of Teaching, a recognized national leader in professional development programming for our state’s teachers, in Cullowhee

Polk Central students reach Gold level in Classwords

A group of students in April Crowder's computer lab at Polk Central Elementary School have achieved Gold status in Classworks.

Polk Central third graders craft Carle-inspired Chirstmas cards

Polk Central Elementary students in Lynn Carlson's third grade class recently created Christmas cards in the style of author/illustrator Eric Carle

Fourth grade leaders keep Polk Central’s U.S. flag flying fit and proper

The United States flag at Polk Central Elementary raises and lowers daily due to the efforts of fourth grade student leaders

Veterans talk flag history, etiquette with Polk Central fourth graders

Johnny and Gerry Taylor from the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) recently visited Polk Central Elementary to share the history of the United States flag with a small group of fourth grade students