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Saluda fourth graders tackle problem with paper clips

Students in Stephanie Ulrich's fourth grade class at Saluda Elementary recently tackled a unique problem - how to stop Fred the worm from drowning using only four paper clips.

Duke Energy grant helps power Saluda Elementary Science Fair

Saluda Elementary students recently staged a Science Fair at the school, using kits provided by Duke Energy as part of a grant received by fifth grade teacher Ginger Rackley

Saluda kindergarteners exploring musical sounds

Brandi Drake's kindergarten class at Saluda Elementary has been exploring high and low sounds in music

Saluda students use stop motion animation as part of science study

Saluda Elementary School students have been giving stop motion animation a try as part of their work to understand the seasons

Saluda fourth graders have magnetic experience

Students in Stephanie Uhrich's fourth-grade class at Saluda Elementary School had quite the hair-raising experience recently while experimenting with magnetism and iron filings.

Saluda Elementary honors Top Cats for February

Saluda Elementary recently recognized its Top Cats for the month of February. The school mascot Wildcat was on hand to assist Principal Dr. Cari Maneen...

Saluda fourth graders enjoy “rocking” day with science

Fourth grade students at Saluda Elementary recently worked on weathering starburst to demonstrate the rock cycle

Saluda students celebrate school year with Wayfarer field day

The entire student body at Saluda Elementary School participated in field day at Camp Wayfarer to help celebrate a successful school year

Saluda students fashion Shrinky Dinks during summer program

Students in the Summer School Enrichment Program at Saluda School recently made Shrinky Dinks with Polk County Library Program Coordinator Amelia Hill

Picture-perfect day helps make annual Saluda Play Day a success

A beautiful Saturday served as the perfect backdrop for the fifth annual Saluda Play Day, held at Saluda Elementary School