Saluda Elementary

Saluda’s Gordon receives scholarship for UNC basketball camp

Saluda Elementary's Cole Gordon, son of Josh and Jaclyn Gordon, received an all-expense paid scholarship from Touchstone Energy to attend The Roy Williams Basketball Camp this summer at the University of North Carolina.

Saluda fifth graders get musical for Earth Day

Fifth graders at Saluda Elementary School celebrated Earth Day by making music out of recyclable items - cans, boxes, plastic jugs, plastic water bottles - and creating a "Trash Band" to accompany the Earth Day Rap - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Renew!

Rutherford EMC grant helps Saluda students craft books

Thanks to a Bright Ideas grant from Rutherford EMC, students in Ginger Rackley's fifth grade class at Saluda Elementary were recently able to create books about different topics in Social Studies

Saluda Elementary to take part in state Science Festival

Saluda Elementary School will participate in the North Carolina Science Festival, a statewide two-week celebration of exploration in science sponsored by Duke Energy

Saluda fourth graders make use of scientific method

Stephanie Uhrich's fourth graders at Saluda Elementary recently learned about rocks using the scientific method.

Pellet dissection helps Saluda third graders study bones

Students in Cari Maneen's third grade class at Saluad Elementary dissected owl pellets to discover if human bones are similar to the animal bones found in the pellets

Saluda fifth graders find too much sugar not a good thing

Fifth grade scientists at Saluda Elementary School recently combined learning with fun while conducting an experiment to show the relationship of amount of sugar and amount of carbon dioxide gas given off during yeast metabolism

Grant helps Saluda fifth graders find their green thumbs

Saluda Elementary fifth graders have been developing their green thumbs for a good cause

Saluda kindergarteners exploring musical sounds

Brandi Drake's kindergarten class at Saluda Elementary has been exploring high and low sounds in music

Saluda students honor Black History Month with music study

In honor of Black History Month, Stephanie Urhrich's fourth grade class at Saluda Elementary has been studying spirituals in music class