Saluda Elementary

Saluda students learning joys – and struggles – of reading music

Third graders at Saluda Elementary School are learning to read chord symbols and play them on autoharps - and they are finding out that it is much more difficult than they realized.

Crawfish offers science lesson for Polk Central class

Polk Central fourth grader Lane Bradley recently brought a crawfish to school to share with fellow students in Leann Wilson's class.

Candy provides sweet way for Saluda fourth graders to learn fractions

Stephanie Uhrich's fourth graders at Saluda Elementary have been using Skittles to help with their mathematics work involving fractions.

Saluda student fashions tower from paper, pipe cleaners

Saluda Elementary's Sam Rogers loads weight on a tower structure he designed and made from rolled paper and pipe cleaners for an enrichment class engineering project.

Lewis and Clark focus of Saluda fifth grade projects

Students in Ginger Rackley's class at Saluda Elementary School have been learning about the famed expedition of Meriwether Lewis and William Clark.

Saluda students spreading holiday spirit in school, community

Saluda Elementary School students have been reveling in Christmas spirit, brightening their school and the lives of others during the holiday season.

Holidays offer diverse learning opportunties for Saluda third graders

Saluda Elementary third graders in the classes of Melissa Gillespie and Cari Maneen have been participating this month in a variety of in-class stations designed to diversify the many ways students learn.

Saluda third graders learning about Earth’s surface

Third graders in Cari Maneen's science class at Saluda Elementary School have been learning about the structures of the Earth's surface.

Saluda second graders produce stop motion videos

Second grade students in Christine McGee's class at Saluda Elementary have been learning about sound waves.

Christmas with an international flavor taking place at Saluda Elementary

Saluda Elementary Schools students are getting a taste of how other cultures celebrate Christmas through their Holidays Around the World initiative.