Saluda Elementary

Saluda students honor Black History Month with music study

In honor of Black History Month, Stephanie Urhrich's fourth grade class at Saluda Elementary has been studying spirituals in music class

Saluda students add loving touch to Valentine’s artwork

Students in Susan McRostie's visual arts classes at Saluda Elementary created 'LOVE'ly works of art for Valentine's Day.

Saluda third graders study skeletal system

Students in Cari Maneen's third grade class participated in a variety of activities to aid in their understanding of the form and functions of the skeletal system

Saluda students try to predict Groundhog Day outcome

Students in Caitlyn Bright's pre-kindergarten class at Saluda School made predictions for Tuesday's Groundhog Day as to whether local groundhogs would see their shadows.

Muddy Sneakers helping spark science interest for Saluda students

Fifth grade students at Saluda Elementary learned about terrestrial ecosystems on an outing with the Muddy Sneakers program on January 12th. Muddy Sneakers is an enrichment program designed for fifth graders that stimulates learning by getting the kids out of the classroom and into a nearby natural setting.

Saluda Pre-K students craft ornaments from ice

Pre-K students in Ashley Marion's class at Saluda Elementary School have been learning about ice.

Chinese acrobats astound Saluda Elementary with skills

As part of the NC A+ Schools Program at Saluda Elementary, guest artists and performers are invited to the school on a regular basis.

Saluda students use snow as theme of artwork

Saluda Elementary students recently showed their artistic talents with some snow-inspired artwork.

Saluda students learning joys – and struggles – of reading music

Third graders at Saluda Elementary School are learning to read chord symbols and play them on autoharps - and they are finding out that it is much more difficult than they realized.

Crawfish offers science lesson for Polk Central class

Polk Central fourth grader Lane Bradley recently brought a crawfish to school to share with fellow students in Leann Wilson's class.

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