Saluda Elementary


Saluda second graders produce stop motion videos

Second grade students in Christine McGee's class at Saluda Elementary have been learning about sound waves.

Christmas with an international flavor taking place at Saluda Elementary

Saluda Elementary Schools students are getting a taste of how other cultures celebrate Christmas through their Holidays Around the World initiative.

Saluda students working on hoop skills in PE

Students in Kathy Angier's physical education classes at Saluda Elementary are learning and practicing basketball skills such as passing, dribbling and shooting.

Art helping Saluda fourth graders learn to study the details

Saluda Elementary School students in Stephanie Uhrich's fourth grade class have been closely examining famous works of art with hopes of helping their reading.

Saluda fourth graders digging into fractions

Stephanie Uhrich's fourth graders at Saluda Elementary have been busy uncovering the truth about equivalent fractions in math class.

Saluda youngsters use food as theme in recent studies

Students in Brandi Drake's kindergarten class at Saluda Elementary have been preparing for their upcoming Laura Numeroff author study with food-themed centers. Students have been making and writing words in their doughnut center, sorting word families in the pancake center, comparing more and less in the cookie center, choosing between needs and wants in the shopping center and making holiday cards in the writing center.

Muddy Sneakers aid Saluda students with science discovery

Saluda Elementary School fifth graders enjoy learning about science by taking part in the Muddy Sneakers Program, which emphasizes experiential learning in an outdoor classroom setting.

Saluda first graders get sense of Pilgrim life

Taking advantage of the natural tie-in with Thanksgiving, Saluda Elementary first-grade teacher Nicole Bradley has been working with her students to study how people lived long ago.

Saluda students enjoy musical experiences

Saluda Elementary third and fourth graders have been enjoying a number of musical experiences of late.

Saluda students take educational ‘camping’ trip

Friday offered a most unusual day for Saluda Elementary School students in Brandi Drake's kindergarten class - a class camping trip of a different kind.

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