Pumpkin offers sensory experience for Tryon Elementary preschoolers

Pre-kindergarten students in Heather Ross' class at Tryon Elementary have been getting up close and personal with pumpkins. Students scooped out the inside of a...

Tryon Elementary students match literary wits in Battle of the Books

Fourth and fifth grade students at Tryon Elementary recently matched wits and tested their literary knowledge in the school's Battle of the Books

Tryon fifth graders tackle annual ecosystem project

A part of every year for Tryon Elementary School fifth graders is the ecosystem project, and this year is no different with students busy working to complete their ecosystems

Tryon Elementary first graders show Super Bowl fever

Super Bowl 50 fever is sweeping through the area - including Tryon Elementary School - with the Carolina Panthers set to battle the Denver Broncos in the NFL's championship game

Tryon third graders rewarded for multiplication mastery

Third-grade math whizzes at Tryon Elementary racked up a sweet reward for their multiplication prowess.

Tryon Elementary honors Terrific Kids for February

Students in grades kindergarten through third grade at Tryon Elementary School have been recognized as Terrific Kids for the month of February

Bright’s Creek hosts TES first graders for day of fun, learning

First grade students from Tryon Elementary had the opportunity on May 2 to spend a day at Bright's Creek, taking part in numerous activities.

Polk Middle science students examine energy transfer

Students in Rowann Hoy's science class at Polk County Middle School are comparing the speed energy is transferred through the molecules of gases, liquids, and solids.

PCHS football team, cheerleaders help Tryon Elementary end anti-bullying month

Polk County High School football players, cheerleaders and coaches helped Tryon Elementary School celebrate the end of its anti-bullying month, visiting the school for a month-end celebration

Dental health program helps Tryon Elementary students

Students in grades kindergarten through 3rd grade at Tryon Elementary School were given the chance to participate in the Dental Sealant Project.