Sunny View students enjoy receiving free book

New books in hands, second graders Ethan Heffner, Hunter Bishop and Jasper Wood are ready to go back to class and read

There’s something special as a child about receiving a brand new book – just ask students at Sunny View Elementary.

Sunny View students celebrated reading with “Book Day” on April 2. The event provided a free book for every student in the school, a special book that had been carefully picked for its quality and its ability to encourage a love of reading.

Previously called RIF (Reading is Fundamental) and federally funded, the program is now funded locally by several sources. Nancy’s Books, a specially designated account at the Polk County Community Foundation, was formed with a large donation from an anonymous donor and ensures the continuation of the program in perpetuity. Mrs. Nancy understands the value of books in the home and is delighted that the students at Sunny View School will have the opportunity to receive three high-quality reading books each year to build their personal book collections.

Pavillon International, a local community organization, also made a generous donation to the cause.

The school would like to thank the benevolent donors for helping promote literacy in the Sunny View community.

First graders Gage Pack, Emma Miller and Preslie Bradley have already started reading their books
Annabelle McKelvey and Leah Strough proudly display their special books
Pre-kindergarten student Joshua Moore is excited about his Curious George book
Fifth graders Amaya Crask, Shaylynn Reid and Ivey Moore choose just the right book.