Polk Central Elementary

Polk Central second graders enjoy Reindeer Day

Second graders at Polk Central Elementary very much enjoyed their recent Reindeer Day!

Polk Central third graders mix to learn about matter

Third graders at Polk Central Elementary recently experienced matter by creating mixtures

Polk Central fifth graders study meteorology, climate during Muddy Sneakers outing

It was a cold morning on Thursday, Dec. 5, so Polk Central fifth graders had plenty to notice as gusts of wind chilled them, the sun hid above stratus clouds in the Southwest and the temperature was in the low 40s.

State air quality specialists share knowledge with Polk Central fifth graders

Keith Bamburger and Melissa Kennedy from the North Department of Environmental Quality's Division of Air Quality worked with Polk Central fifth graders on Friday, Dec. 6.

Polk Central students talk about value of herbs during Day of Discovery

Almost 300 Polk Central students, ranging in age from 3-12, kept a trio of their classmates busy during the school's annual Day of Discovery

Polk Central does a theme a day for Red Ribbon Week

Polk Central Elementary recently celebrated Anti-Bullying and Red Ribbon Week with a different theme each day of the week

Healthy foods the focus at Polk Central’s Day of Discovery

Science was the order of the day as Polk Central Elementary held its annual Day of Discovery on November 8

Polk Central almost doubles goal for Hunger Awareness Food Drive

Polk Central Elementary students and staff collected almost 1,400 food items during their recent Hunger Awareness Food Drive

Scarecrows the topic for Polk Central second grade writing activities

Polk Central's second graders have been writing a scary lot about scarecrows

Puppetry workshop inspires Polk Central fourth grader

A recent workshop on the art of puppetry sparked an interest in the subject for Polk Central fourth grader Jillian Brown