Saluda Elementary

Saluda second graders turn da Vinci study into art

Saluda Elementary art teacher Susan McRostie recently facilitated a creative art lesson for second grade students

Saluda fourth graders study moon phases, Earth rotation

Fourth grade students at Saluda Elementary recently enjoyed a day of learning about how day and night are related to the rotation of the Earth around the sun

Geography Club helps Saluda students explore the world

A new club at Saluda Elementary is helping students explore many wonderful destinations

Saluda first graders ‘shop’ for Valentine’s gifts

Saluda Elementary first graders spent part of Valentine's Day shopping for items to make a personalized Valentine mail bag

Harris enthralls Saluda students with stories from a remarkable life

Pearlie Mae Harris visited Saluda Elementary to talk with first and second graders about growing up in Saluda as well as her remarkable career in education and community service

Saluda Elementary welcomes new school resource officer

Saluda Elementary's new resource officer, Melanie Hicks, is getting to know the students

Saluda’s Souper Bowl also ends with Patriots on top

The New England Patriots earned another Super Bowl trophy on Sunday in Atlanta - but scored an equally impressive Souper Bowl win in Saluda

Saluda students create art in and from environment

Fourth graders in Stephanie Uhrich's science class at Saluda Elementary are being introduced to Environmental Art

Saluda students learn folk, square dances

Students at Saluda Elementary have just finished a unit in physical education class on folk and square dance

Saluda students take part in “Souper Bowl” for Thermal Belt Outreach

Saluda Elementary students are using the upcoming Super Bowl as inspiration for a can drive for Thermal Belt Outreach