Should the Big Bad Wolf pay the price? Or should he go scot free?

You get to decide – if you join Polk County Middle School students for their production of the Big Bad Musical, set for Friday, Feb. 9 at 7 p.m. in the school auditorium.

Will Granny and Red get a settlement for the anguish of being eaten? Will the Girl Who Cried Wolf be vindicated for her false alarms? Will Miss Muffet ever find her tuffet? OR will poor, misunderstood Big B. Wolf be fully exonerated?

You, the audience, make the ruling, and the outcome is in your hands. And you are guaranteed a rollicking good time.

Admission is free, but donations are welcome. You can’t decide B.B. Wolf’s fate if you’re not in your seat.

Cast members for the production include: Front row, from left: Sydney Ulhrich, Adelaide Gardner, Henry Gardner, James Matthews, Rory Powell, Jeanine Jackson, Reilly Yoder; Back row, from left: Caroline Proctor, Kristan Reedy, Alycia Cruz, Dustin Shook, Nikki Frantz, Kayla Durham, Ava McFadden, Maggie Johnson, Kiah Shepphard, Sebastian Alford, Trinity Powell, Bella Nelson, Rita Booth, Aliya Conner. Not pictured: Tori Strickland, Phoenix Roush, Phoebe Burke, Jylyn Barnes and members of the Polk Middle School Chorus