The rocks that make up the Earth are constantly being recycled. One form of rock is often changed into another form of rock through certain processes of nature that occur over time.

Fourth graders in Stephanie Uhrich’s class at Saluda Elementary enjoyed learning about this process by recreating it with Starburst Candies.

First, students weathered their rocks by cutting them into smaller pieces (similar to sediments). They then took these sediments and cemented them together by pressing down on them (similar to creating sedimentary rock). After, this they morphed their rocks into metamorphic rocks by using heat and pressure. Finally, they turned their rocks into igneous rocks by using heat (in a microwave) to create molten rocks.

Several students commented on watching the rocks turn into igneous rocks:

“Wow, it is melting and getting bubbles in it.”

“Look, they look glassy.”

It was a fun day bursting through the rock cycle.

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