Students in Jessica Roush’s pre-kindergarten class at Tryon Elementary had a simple question on Earth Day – where does trash go once it’s thrown away?

A field trip to the Polk County Landfill helped provide the answer.

Roush’s class visited the landfill on Friday. Students watched as a trash truck arrived at the facility and dumped the trash that could not be recycled. Students also noted the smell of that area.

Students also got to learn about recycling and how those materials are sorted into different bins – one for mixed paper, plastic, cardboard, glass and tin cans. Students got to look into each bin to see all the recyclables.

A landfill visitor was in the recycling area disposing of all of her neighborhood’s recyclables, and she let the students take turns throwing mixed paper and tin cans into the appropriate bins. They loved it!

Students also walked into the area where trees and yard debris are turned into mulch and saw where Polk County residents take their leaves and grass clippings.

Roush’s students really enjoyed the field trip and they felt good knowing all the ways they can help keep the Earth clean.