Polk County High School students in Leslie Rhinehart’s AP Chemistry class recently had the opportunity to speak with a resident doctor from Mission Health.

Dr. Brittany Matney came to PCHS to speak with students about her path to becoming a doctor. She shared with students her career path from high school physics to organic chemistry and then medical school. Dr. Matney obtained her Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry and Psychology from UNC Asheville, Doctor of Medicine from East Tennessee State University and is now in her first year of residency at MAHEC / Mission Health.

“I think it is important for the students to have firsthand knowledge of the paths they are considering and be given the chance to talk freely with someone about their interest and about how they chose their path to their career,” Rhinehart said.

Dr. Matney was able to share her experience of a small, liberal arts college and a small medical school environment with the students. She was also able to speak about the experiences of other students she has encountered in her own journey to becoming a doctor.