Sunny View Elementary School celebrated National Young Readers Week Nov. 6-9 with fun literacy activities throughout the week.

The week began with Snuggle Up with a Good Book. Children and teachers wore their pajamas, brought something to snuggle with and spent extra time reading. Some classes enjoyed “spotlight reading” with headlamps. Cafeteria staff even delighted students with lunchtime stories throughout the week.

Tuesday brought a whole-day Read-a-Thon in which the total number of books read for the day was calculated. Title I teacher Ginger Turner kept an hourly tally of the reading activity, with 232 books in the first hour and ending the day with 1,388 books (chapter books counted as 15 pages=one book).

Wednesday was Read to the Principal day, where students showcased their reading skills to Principal Kevin Weis.

The week ended on Thursday with a Teacher Swap, where teachers read to classes other than their own. The culminating activity for the week was a Mystery Reader, who started reading the popular Green Eggs and Ham behind the auditorium curtain, then finished the book after students guessed his identity as none other than Polk County Schools Superintendent Aaron Greene.

Since it was the last day of school before the Veterans Day holiday, Mr. Greene also read a book called Hero Dad, and talked to the students about the importance of our veterans.