Polk County High School administration and faculty handed out recognition to members of the student body during the school’s annual Undergraduate Awards Day in the school auditorium.

Undergraduate Awards Day is held each year in the final weeks prior to Polk County’s graduation ceremonies.

A highlight of the ceremony was the presentation of the Jason Fox Award to Tyler Twitty.

Robert Jason Fox, best known as Jason, was a native of Tryon. He attended Polk County Schools from kindergarten into high school and was a member of the first freshman class to attend the new Polk County High School in Columbus when it opened in the fall of 1992.

Early in his sophomore year – 1993 – Fox was diagnosed with leukemia and was forced to withdraw from school for treatment. Fox passed away early in 1994. During the short time he was a high school student, Fox earned the respect and affection of his teachers and his peers. He was a likable young man, a serious student, a good athlete, responsibly fun loving with a good sense of humor and a reputation for integrity and good citizenship. Fox was an outstanding role model for every student; he was also a glowing example of the importance of supportive, loving parents.

To honor the memory of Fox, an anonymous donor has established a special award to be given each year to a male sophomore student whose personal qualities are as exemplary as Fox’s. This year, the award was presented to Twitty.

The award consists of a citation designed by respected artist Julia Williams and a Fox­head pin designed by renowned sculptor William Behrends, cast in sterling silver, symbolizing Fox’s character. It becomes the duty of the young man who receives this award to be faithful to the memory of Fox and to always remember the reasons this award was given.