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Photos: Polk Central fourth graders earn awards for six weeks

Sherlyn Trejo, Fairran Higgins, Shane Jaskowiak, Jordan Edwards, Grayson Clancy, Masen Wilson, Jace Williams, Samantha Etheridge, Paisley Nicholson, Makenzie Poteat

Students in Leann Wilson’s fourth grade class at Polk Central Elementary recently received awards for the fourth six weeks.

Grayson Clancy and Sherlyn Trejo
Jordan Edwards, Zoey Moore, Jillian Brown, Reeve Carroll, Sherlyn Trejo, Erik Ramirez, Jace Williams, Grayson Clancy
Zoey Moore, Jillian Brown, Madison Snyder, Brodie Barker, Reeve Carroll
Mackenzie Poteat, Masen Williams, Eric Ramirez
Zane Washington, Eduardo Rojas-Argote

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