Polk County Schools is pleased to announce the implementation of the Polk County Schools School Safety Tip Line, an effort to improve our ability to respond to safety concerns and to student and staff needs.

The Tip Line provides a way for students, staff, families or community members to notify us that a potential threat exists, or that there is a student or staff member in crisis. While we have always encouraged anyone with concerns to contact us, the Tip Line is a way for things to be reported anonymously. We hope this will encourage some students, staff or community members who may have been hesitant to reach out to us in the past.

The phone number for the tip line is 828-894-7020 and can be reached any time of any day. Messages left on the tip line are immediately forwarded to district administrators so the situation or concern can be addressed quickly.

We do ask that anyone choosing to use the tip do so appropriately. Calling as a prank or for no good reason is counterproductive to our goal in creating the the Tip Line. We hope that students and families understand this and will use it for its intended purpose.

Also, we ask that calls to the tip line include as much detail as possible so we can be sure we are addressing the issue correctly and completely. As the Tip Line message says, we encourage callers to leave contact information for follow-up if they are willing, but doing so is not required. 

Thank you for helping keep our students and schools safe.