The school counselors at Polk County Middle School have been busy of late working with all elementary schools to transition fifth graders to middle school.

A parent and guardian night was held on April 23rd to give information about starting middle school. Parents, guardians and students were shown a presentation with curriculum information and a video about frequently asked questions about coming to middle school.

On April 26, students at all elementary schools visited PCMS. School tours were given by peer helpers and students were able to hear information about classes they would be signing up for as well as from their counselor, Sherrie Huffman, and school administrators Todd Murphy and Nikki Honeycutt.

School counselors then visited all elementary schools and gave classroom lessons about starting middle school. Students had the opportunity to ask any questions about what they saw on their tours, what classes they would be taking, club information and rules and procedures at PCMS.

If you have a student coming to PCMS in August please visit the school website for more information.

PCMS School Counselor Langlee Rogers talks to students at Sunny View Elementary about coming to middle school next year. 

Eighth grader Cole Pereira gives a school tour to a group of fifth graders

PCMS School Counselor Sherrie Huffman gives a tour to a group of fifth graders from Polk Central. 
Eighth grader Abbie Love talks to fifth graders about wheel classes at PCMS.