Polk County Middle School students learned about the science that makes balloon flight possible – then got a firsthand look at those flights as well.

As part of the school’s 7th Grade Hot Air Balloon Day on Friday, RE/MAX Four Seasons in Hendersonville sponsored the arrival of the RE/MAX balloon on the school campus.

Students headed out to the school’s football field to see how the balloon is inflated and how the air is heated inside the balloon. Members of the PCMS faculty then got to take tethered rides to show students how the whole process works. Some 60 students also got to help get all the air out of the balloon so it could be folded back up.

After being outside, the pilots moved into the school auditorium and gave a presentation to students, talking about the history of hot air ballooning. The pilots also conducted some experiments with various materials and hot air to make those materials float.