Tryon Elementary School students have been taking part in a unique program that encourages them to ‘walk, listen and learn.’

That’s the slogan of The Walking Classroom, a standards-based program designed to get elementary school students physically active while also learning more about the material they’re studying in class.

The program is composed of 15-20 minute podcasts that are directly related to grade-level standards and are student-friendly. ‚ÄčStudents put in their earbuds and walk for 15-20 minutes, approximately one mile, while listening to a podcast that coordinates with what the students are learning inside the classroom.

By walking while they learn, students are able to get active and are increasing their chances for remembering what they are taught. Studies show that exercise is directly related to brain function and memory.

Tryon Elementary uses a donated set of Walk-Its that were applied for and granted through The Walking Classroom.