Tryon Elementary students completed random acts of kindness throughout the month of November. Students in all grades were challenged to pick a random card on the “RAK” bulletin board and complete the task as stated.

Among the kind acts that classes performed:

* Karen Prady’s fourth grade class took time out to walk down to Forbes Preschool and read to preschool classes.

* Stephanie Champion’s fifth grade class wrote letters of thanks to librarian Jamie Kilgore for all she does for students.

* Donna Godley’s fifth grade class took time each day for an entire week to write about what they are grateful for. Students included such things as family, teachers and friends.

* Jane Ollis’s class spent time coloring pictures for cafeteria workers to show their appreciation for all of their hard work day in and out. Students also created a poster for Principal Todd Murphy highlighting all the wonderful qualities of their teachers.