Outstanding students at Tryon Elementary School have been recognized as Terrific Kids for the month of May.

The Tryon Kiwanis Club sponsors the event, which recognizes students from each classroom for their good citizenship and hard work for the month. Students received a certificate of honor, a pencil and a bumper sticker that identifies their parents’ car as having a “Terrific Kid” in the family.

Terrific Kids in Mrs. Vining’s fourth grade class, from left: Emily Oviedo-Albarran, Sophia Overholt
Second graders named Terrific Kids included, front row from left: Aydon Mandeville-Wynne and Abbey Williams. back row, from left: Kamron Cunningham, Keenysia Young and Addison Buss
Kindergarten students chosen as Terrific Kids for the month of May included, from left: Emburlee Orick, Grey Capozzi, Rory Gates
Terrific Kids in first grade include, front row from left: Isabella Brooks, Deborah Locke, Mason Littlefield. Back row, from left: Cole Cates, Honesty Jackson, Olivia Loheac
These second graders were also named Terrific Kids for the month of May, from left: Noah Champion, Tyler Denton, Keenysia Young, Keaton McCall